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Need to contact us? 

Shoot us an email: info@stdiobeauty.com! We'd love to hear from you. Please give us at least 24 hours to respond back to emails. 

Hours of operation: 7am-7pm Mon-Fri

How long with my magnetic eyelashes last?

With proper care up to two years! Expect to get a minimum of 30 wears out of one pair.

What is virgin hair? 

Human virgin hair is the healthiest kind of hair. It is called "virgin" because it is unprocessed. This means that you can dye/bleach and style it without a hassle. 

How long will my extensions last? 

With proper care, a minimum of 2 years. To give your hair the best care check out out maintenance steps below.

Will it tangle/shed? 

All hair tangles and sheds. To minimize this we highly recommend that you keep your hair moisturized. Extreme dryness is the root of tangling and shedding. Show your extensions some love!

How do I maintain my extensions? 

1. Gradually wet your hair

2. Comb gently with fingers before washing

3. Add shampoo (preferebly sulfate free)

4. Add warm water and begin washing hair

5. If you're not in a rush, let your hair air dry

6. Feed your hair some argan oil!


1. Sleeping with damp/wet hair

2. Excessive heat use

3. Brushing/combing hair when dry

How long does it take to get my package? 

We offer three different shipping options. Our standard BASE shipping will have your product delivered within 3-7 business days. The other shipping options will have your product delivered in 1 or 2 business days depending on what you choose and available inventory. We do ask that you have a little more patience with us during holidays!

How do I change my shipping address?

Contact us: sales@stdiobeauty.com ASAP with your order number and your new shipping address. We can help to change the shipping address if the package is not yet shipped. If shipped then we can not change it.

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